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Tricks can be a useful and entertaining addition to your horse's education, increase his attention span and even his value. Horses love to learn and get praise for their accomplishments. People of all ages, all disciplines and all levels of experience can teach impressive tricks. With just a few minutes a day, you will see marvelous changes in the horse you love. He will get brighter, more interesting and shine with intelligence! Plus, you will develop a bond of trust and communication that will last a lifetime! You can trick-train as young as a weanling (of any breed or sex) to a senior horse who is convalescing.

You can further enhance your skills with Liberty work, all without any ropes, bridles, reins or leads, transforming your horse into the ULTIMATE equine performing artist!

Let the FUN and CHALLENGE begin!

Carole offers private instruction for you and your horse, by the hour, day, week, or month. Please contact her for dates and to make your appointment at: Rates are available upon request.

Here are some horses owned by clients that Carole has trained (and written performing acts for):


Denise Hopkins and Cleve Kadiddlehopper

Ryan Bulkley and Playboy

Sonya Garris and Desi

Bonny Barry Pullen and Val

Jack Mount and Teddy

Ann Keesler Hanley and Dee




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