Trick Horse Trainer Extraordinaire Carole Fletcher presented by Singin' Saddles Ranch

Pedestals by Gary Fletcher

Steel Pedestals

New!  Lightweight, portable steel pedestals for horses--from minis to drafts!
These pedestals are made to your specifications, depending on the size of your horse.  You can easily move these around, as they weigh from 25-30 lbs.  They have a non-slippery rubber top,  insuring the safety of your horse.  Cost:  from $250 and up.  Call for shipping/handling charges



Wood Pedestals

Wood pedestals, safe enough to hold even a draft horse with four feet on it.   Rubber top offers non-slippery, safe surface. Constructed with sides so it is ideal for training, and handles to make it easy to carry.

Top has smaller surface area than the bottom, so it will not tip or move.  You can have a horse put two hooves or four on it, pivot, bow, etc. Excellent training device for horses. 
approximately 55 lbs.   Will build smaller to suit miniature horses, if you email or call us.  Let us know your zip code, and we will figure out shipping costs for you. Price:  $399 (shipping costs are extra).


Trick Horse Training Materials

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